ARTWORK IDEA – Rotate Your Artwork Like A Gallery Does – Really!

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Many of my collectors are regulars and purchase a new work every few months. So have summer homes that also need artwork. Others simply rotate the artwork on their walls to keep them looking fresh which is a GREAT IDEA! So many are afraid of collecting art because they fear they do not have the wall space for it. Rotating artwork (just like art galleries and museums do) – Imagine if they have the same works each time you visited.

Why not do the same thing with your home? Just keep it in mind. I have so many collectors who say they see new works but just don’t know where to hang it – rotate your artwork! That is what all collectors do – it’s what I do! There is finite wall space (even in the largest home) so rotating your artwork gives the space a whole new look and feel. Give it a try and I think you will find out that you love it!

Remember that corner or small room with the same painting for years – well – just imagine have a few works of perhaps 20 x 16 inches (really a great size for many spaces) and changing the artwork in that space every few months – it will change the entire “feel” and “energy” of the room! Try it! Check out the vast selection of affordable 20 x 16 inch works I have available right now!

So with that in mind why not head over to the shop to see what’s new!

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