SOLD - The Answer according to purple

SOLD - "The Answer according to purple" by Nestor Toro

A collector has just purchased my artwork "The Answer according…
Sold Artwork

SOLD - Cathartic Blue

A collector has added my work entitled "Cathartic Blue" to their…
Installed artwork by artist Nestor Toro

Installed Artwork

A collector recently bought 3 of my works for their new home…
SOLD - Invisible Cracks, 2014 Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD - "Invisible Cracks" 36" x 48"

Another one SOLD! A lucky collector just bought this work…
SOLD - Blankets 111 (rest) by artist Nestor Toro 2015

SOLD - "Blankets lll (Rest)"

This was just sold to a collector. It is called "Blankets lll…
SOLD - Here, there and everywhere I by Nestor Toro 2015

SOLD - "Here, there, and everywhere I"

Yet another collector has added one of my works to their growing…

"Funky Art" - Zatista Online Collection

One of my works UNDERWATER COLORFIELD was part of an online collection…
Abstract Terrain (Arid), 2015 - SOLD

1st Work from Terrain Series - SOLD

A collector bought Abstract Terrain (Arid), Acrylic painting…
Terrain series Fall 2015 by artist Nestor Toro

New Series - Terrains

I have a new series called Terrain which is inspired by the variety…
Abstract Spectra II by artist Nestor Toro - SOLD

SOLD - Abstract Spectra II

Today a collector bought Abstract Spectra ll! The work is vibrant…
Nestor Toro - artist certificate of authenticiity

Pricing Of Art

The pricing of art varies and is all over the board. It is based…

Another Work Sold - "Neon Pistils"

Today a collector in Los Angeles acquired "Neon Pistils" for…
Migrations (Long Story Short), 2015 - Recently sold to private collector

SOLD - 3 Works To Private Collector

It is always rewarding to meet with a collector and show them…
Iridescent blue tangle - sold artwork by abstract artist Nestor Toro

Happy Collector

This work was sold a few weeks ago and the collector sent this…
Iridescent blue tangle abstract painting sold sold by Nestor Toro

Another Work Finds A New Home

Sold this week a painting to a collector. The work is called…
Deep Ocean Series
Sold to a private collector - nestor toro

Another One Sold

Sold another and right after my show! It is called Orange Colorfield…
Group show in Beverly Hills Saachti event - Nestor Toro


The group show in Beverly Hills went great. Both of my paintings…
Nestor Toro - abstract painter

Sold 3 More This Weekend!

Aerosol (volcanic) Beautiful small square painting very layered…
Nestor Toro recently sold abstract paintings

"When Art Likes You Back"

I am excited to have you at my website and even more excited…
Sold artwork - Nestor Toro

Sold Another One!

SOLD The Catch is a colorful piece that a collector just…
Nestor Toro - Sold work - abstract painting

Sold Another One!

Just sold this one today to another collector in Los Angeles! Huge…
Latest abstract painting sold by artist Nestor Toro

Sold another one

Sales are become more frequent (almost weekly) and I just sold…
Group show in Beverly Hills Saachti event - Nestor Toro

Upcoming Show in September 2015

This just in...// Got…