What is going on? When will it end? What do I do?  I am sure that right now we are all asking these questions. We are living in uncertain times and experiencing an event the likes of which has only been seen once in recent history…

As an artist it is my passion to create. Art can change a mood. A special or favorite work can take you to a mental place allowing you to get lost in contemplation and helps to keep a larger perspective.

Since it looks like we will be all spending a lot more time in our homes as more and more will be “sheltering in place” to flatten the curve for the foreseeable future. During this stressful and difficult time it is more important that ever that we take care of ourselves and one of those ways it to pay close attention to our environment and the very real effect that it can have on our mental health and resolve.

I think in these troubling times that artwork can be very helpful. Art lifts our spirits. Art can motivate us to push through trying times and could transform your space into a sanctuary from the uncontrollable conditions and events going on in the world.

I invite you to take some time to explore my artwork. Enjoy it for no other reason than taking your mind off of the news! If you find a work that speaks to you I am offering 20% off so if you find that special painting – TREAT YOURSELF or a loved one with the gift of hope and beauty. We ALL need something that will provide comfort and hope in these difficult times. Whether you are just starting your collection or acquiring new pieces for your growing collection this is the time to treat yourself to a new work of art.

Stay Safe and Stay Strong!
Nestor Toro

March.20.2020 – Los Angeles

NOTE:  I have nothing but respect and admiration for the workers providing services such as providing deliveries at this time. They are true heroes. I take their safety as well as my own into consideration. Shippers such as DHL and UPS have put into place safety procedures to continue to provide shipping services while assuring that their workers AND customers are both kept safe. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me here.

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