SOLD – Cathartic Blue

A collector has added my work entitled “Cathartic Blue” to their collection!

Sold Artwork

Another work sold by artist Nestor Toro


Painting: Acrylic, Spray Paint and Gesso on Canvas.

Size: 24 H x 36 W x 0.7 in

Bold paint strikes, layered effects, fast color shifts and organic shapes. For this piece I did lots of color blending, placed layers of transparent paint to create a lot of depth and completed with gestural yellow paint. High Golden acrylics and IV protective gloss enamel.

SOLD – “Here, there, and everywhere I”

Yet another collector has added one of my works to their growing collection. The work is called “Here, there, and everywhere 1″ and is a multi-colored vibrant work measuring 24″ x 30”

SOLD - Here, there and everywhere I by Nestor Toro 2015

As always, I am very excited to have a new collector discover my work and think enough of it to add it to their collection! Thank you!

“Funky Art” – Zatista Online Collection

One of my works UNDERWATER COLORFIELD was part of an online collection on the online gallery Zatista.



Here is what they said about the work: ““Underwater Colorfield” is the perfect color scheme for funky art. It ties in deep blues with pops of hot pink and is sure to bring a burst of fresh fun to your home.”


New Series – Terrains

I have a new series called Terrain which is inspired by the variety of terrains on the earth. It is a series of 10 paintings. They are acrylic on canvas. I am known for my large works but for this series I wanted to do something different. These works are 16″ x 20″ and can be paired together in a harmonious was just as the different terrains on earth all connect seamlessly together.

You can view that series HERE.

Paired works from Terrain series Fall 2015

Paired works from Terrain series Fall 2015


SOLD – Abstract Spectra II

Today a collector bought Abstract Spectra ll! The work is vibrant and one of my favorite. I can’t wait for them to get it and to experience it in person. It is a large work 48″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas.

You can see the painting on Zatista where it was sold at this link – CLICK HERE


Abstract Spectra II by artist Nestor Toro - SOLD

Abstract Spectra II by artist Nestor Toro – SOLD


SOLD – November 01, 2015

Pricing Of Art

The pricing of art varies and is all over the board. It is based on many factors including the material of the work such as size of the canvas, quality of paint, and other materials. The time a work takes to create must be taken into account. The artist who creates the work is as everyone knows, one of the main factors as that determines the demand and is arguably the most important factor.

My view is that you should always buy art you like. You should NOT buy solely on the advice of an advisor (who probably has an agenda other than your best interests) so you want art that you enjoy…the fact that it might increase in price over time is an added bonus! So buy what YOU will enjoy looking at everyday!

My work for example, has steadily increased in value as I have sold and become more known. This trend continues…you can be part of it. Acquire some of my works and you will not only have beautiful artwork to enjoy but you will know that the price you pay today is a bargain compared to what they will be sold for as time goes by.

Nestor Toro - artist certificate of authenticiity

Another Work Sold – “Neon Pistils”

Today a collector in Los Angeles acquired “Neon Pistils” for their collection. This is one of my favorite works with gestural movement and color. It is a bold statement piece at 36″ x 48″ and striking to view in person. It is always exciting to find a new home for a work such as this one!

SOLD - Neon Pistils by Nestor Toro  Painting, Acrylic - 36”h x 48”w

Neon Pistils by Nestor Toro Painting, Acrylic – 36”h x 48”w SOLD

SOLD – 3 Works To Private Collector

It is always rewarding to meet with a collector and show them my work in person. It makes what is otherwise a cold business transaction something special. First there is just no substitute for viewing artwork in person. It is simply not possible to capture the subtle details with photography and see them on a small computer screen. Of course, the power of a work can only be experience in person when you can view the work from any distance or angle that you wish!

Alchemy III (Chrome), 2015 - Recently sold artwork by abstract artist - Nestor Toro

Alchemy III (Chrome), 2015 – Recently sold artwork by abstract artist – Nestor Toro

Migrations (Long Story Short), 2015 - Recently sold to private collector

Migrations (Long Story Short), 2015 – 36 × 36 in – SOLD – Nestor Toro – Abstract Artist

Bold statement piece "Abstract Journey" 48" x 69" Recently sold to private collector - Nestor Toro - artist

Abstract Journey (momentum), 2015 – SOLD – Large bold 60″ x 48″ – Nestor Toro – artist

It is also always nice to meet new people such as the lovely couple of acquired these 3 works from me and now have them to enjoy in their home. I am honored to have my work shown and enjoyed by collectors such as them. Nestor Toro

Another One Sold

Sold another and right after my show! It is called Orange Colorfield (Balancing Act) and one of my favorite works! ORANGE COLORFIELD (BALANCING ACT) I am really happy to be getting more exposure so that more people like the collector who acquired this work via can discover what I have created for them to choose from and add to their collections. It’s always exciting to sell a work to a new collector as you can imagine!

Recent sale to a new collector!

Recent sale to a new collector!

Abstract painting recently sold by abstract artist Nestor Toro

Abstract painting recently sold by abstract artist Nestor Toro


The group show in Beverly Hills went great. Both of my paintings were in great locations to be viewed. There were a lot of abstracts there but mine really stood out with the color and motion (even if I do say myself).  :)

Anyway, I would definitely call the show a total success and am looking forward to the next one…
Group show in Beverly Hills Saachti event - Nestor ToroGroup show in Beverly Hills Saachti event