In The Wilderness - Nestor Toro - Abstract Artist - Los Angeles

Large Statement Work - Nestor Toro - In The Wilderness

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Nothing makes a statement like a large canvas! It can completely bring an entire room together and this is such a piece. It is called In The Wilderness and is certainly a such a painting! I had a great time painting it and I can't wait for it…
SOLD - Stormy Weather by Los Angeles painter Nestor Toro

SOLD - Stormy Weather by Nestor Toro

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I am happy to announce that a collector right here in my home town of Los Angeles has purchased Stormy Weather and it is now hanging in her home! This is a vibrant work full of motion and depth. Really a stunning powerful statement piece. Thank…
Painter abstract artist Nestor Toro give you a peek of new work in progress being created in his Los Angeles West Hollywood studio space.

Working On New Series

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I really love starting a new series because it allows me to put fresh ideas onto the canvas. I typically will start out with a new color palette and then see where it takes me. Why not check out the SHOP and view the works currently available…
SOLD - Volcanic Terrain (Fiery layers) (2016) Mixed Media painting by Los Angeles artist Nestor Toro

SOLD - Volcanic Terrain (Fiery layers) (2016) painting by Los Angeles artist Nestor Toro

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I am excited to announce that I have sold my work today to a collector and it will be heading to Las Vegas Nevada. Thank you and enjoy this addition to your collection. The work is a BOLD STATEMENT WORK that is full of energy. It is always great…
I am happy to be a member of this fine collective of artists from around the world!

Arts Artists Artwork

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You can check my new listing on the fantastic artist site Arts, Artists, Artwork. Check it out here! Great group of amazing artists that I am happy to associated with! Nestor Toro
Nestor Toro with custom made canvas

Large Commission Finished

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Many think that commissioned artworks are only for the super rich. While they do cost more than finished artworks, they are often the best (and only) way to get just the exact work you need for a specific space. I have recently completed a large…
Nestor Toro - abstract painter

ArtFinder Interview - Artist Nestor Toro

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I was interviewed for the one of the largest art retailing websites Art Finder and the interview came out today! It's always so much fun to see yourself in an interview, it almost seems surreal but in a very good way! You can read my interview…
SOLD - Gynoecium pistils Painting by L.A. artist - Nestor Toro

Painter Nestor Toro Examines Details

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Painting by L.A. artist - Nestor Toro Nestor examining one of his works...SOLD - Gynoecium Pistils Although a collector purchased this painting, L.A. abstract artist painter Nestor Toro has many other amazing works. Collectors are quickly…
Rainbow Deconstruction by Los Angeles artist painter Nestor Toro

Nestor Toro's Work Featured On Zatista

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Zatista is one of the TOP online art galleries in the world and one of my works, "Rainbow Deconstruction" was featured in an article on the site.   Artist's description: Vibrant abstract painting with beautiful details and colors.…
Sold painting "forest-rainfall" by artist Nestor Toro

SOLD and heading to San German, Puerto Rico!

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A collector in the amazing island of Puerto Rico has aquired my work "Forest Rainfall" and will soon be enjoying it in their home! Thank you! Nestor   Acrylic painting, Paper Painted in 2016 One of a kind artwork Size:…
SOLD artwork by painter Nestor Toro Titled "Blankets ll"

SOLD artwork by Nestor Toro "Blankets ll"

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I am happy to have the same collector from Tennessee who bought Aires ll also acquired another work from a series called "Blankets ll" and it is a delightful smaller work they are sure to enjoy each and every day! Thank you! Acrylic…