SOLD "Arena y Sol (sand and sun)" by Nestor Toro painted in 2015

SOLD To Collector In Belgium

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A collector in Belgium has purchased Arena y Sol (sand and sun) from the series Terrains. This is the 4th painting from that series to be purchased the series Terrains by artist Nestor Toro created in 2015. Acrylic painting, Canvas One…

Art In Collection On Zatista

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I have one of my paintings included in a collection at Zatista called "Fierce Abstract Inspiration." The work is one of my latest works  “Iridescent Volcanic Spectra” is a new and personal favorite. This could be displayed in any room to…
SOLD - Lavender Spectra (Healing), 2015 Nestor Toro

First Sale of the year! SOLD – Lavender Spectra

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What a wonderful way to start the year of 2016 with a sale on the very first day of the year January 1st! Thank you! Artist's description: Very contemplative lavender colorfield full of colorful details and rich in texture. This painting…
SOLD - Vernal Intrusion (tangled), 2015

SOLD – Vernal Intrusion (tangled), 2015

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A collector has purchased Vernal Intrusion (tangled) to add to their collection! This work is a vibrant and bold statement piece and makes a great focal point in a room. The work is 36 x 48 inches and acrylic on canvas. Artist's description: Rich…

SOLD – It was a dream (soft colorfield) – 2015

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I have sold A LOT of paintings this 2015 Holiday Season and I am really excited to have so many new collectors again this year! A now right before Christmas eve a collector decided to add my work "It was a dream" to their collection. The…

SOLD – Blankets (Mound) 2015

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A collector added my work "Blankets (Mound)" to their collection! Artist's description: Subtle shades of blue, pink and red with contrasting yellow make this a very contemplative piece. This painting is very layered with gesso and molded…

Sold – Abstract Terrain (Translucent) 2015

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One of my works from my summer series "Terrain" composed of 16x20 inches. This particular one is called "Abstract Terrain (Translucent)" and is the second work from this series to be purchased!   Artist's description: This is…
Los Angeles artist Nestor Toro's series of 9 paintings on 20" x 20" canvases which is called "9 1/2 Hours"Nestor Toro

Upcoming Show – “Echoes” 2016

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EXCITING NEWS I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be an amazing year and what better way to kick it off than with a show! I am excited to be part of a new exhibit here in Los Angeles at the amazing Fold Gallery. I am one of just…