Sold abstract artwork by Los Angeles Abstract artist - Nestor Toro

SOLD – Riada (Fast Floods) by L.A. abstract artist – Nestor Toro

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Here is another delightful work acquired by my new collector in India. This is a complex work with multiple layers and a rich color palette. I really enjoyed making this work and I hope that it will bring inspiration and enjoyment for many years…
SOLD - Better Times Ahead 2 by L.A. abstract artist - Nestor Toro

SOLD – Better Times Ahead 1 and 2 – Series SOLD

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The collector in India also acquired two works from the series Better Times Ahead 1 and 2 to enjoy. This a pair of bold smaller works that go wonderfully together being part of the same series! Check them out in the photos below. Thank you very…
SOLD - Purple Abstract 1 (2017) Mixed Media painting by Los Angeles ABstract artist - Nestor Toro - Sold

SOLD – Purple Abstract 1 by Nestor Toro

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The new art patron I have in India purchased 6 works. This is one of them and is called Purple Abstract 1. It is a very complex work with rich deep color and texture. Artist's description: This is a BOLD STATEMENT work that is sure…
SOLD - Infinite Panorama (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro - Abstract artist - Los Angeles

SOLD – Infinite Panorama by L.A. abstract artist – Nestor Toro

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Another work sold and just delivered to the collector! Thank you John in Washington D.C. for acquiring this bold work. The work is 24 x 18 inches and acrylic on canvas. Enjoy it - Nestor Toro - Los Angeles Abstract Artist 2017 Artist's…
SOLD - Dimensional Terrain - Thin Air (2017) Mixed Media painting by Nestor Toro - Los Angeles

SOLD – Dimensional Terrain – Thin Air by L.A. artist – Nestor Toro

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I am always experimenting with mediums and untraditional combinations to push my creativity and expand my techniques. This delightful artwork was the result of just that sort of creative process. The work is called "Dimensional Terrain - Thin…
A collector in India has collected 6 works in his first order - Thank you!

New Collector In India

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I am thrilled to announce that I have wonderful new collector in India! Although I have sold my artwork in over 20 countries this is the very first collector from the country of India. This collector ordered 6 paintings his very first order! What…
SOLD Abstract Allure II (2015) Mixed Media painting by Nestor Toro $3,860 Sold
SOLD - Abstract Colorfield-Enchanted Landcape II (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

SOLD – Enchanted Landscape 2

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Lately I have been selling a lot of unstretched canvases which means that the canvas is not on a wooden framework called stretcher bars. There are actually a couple of benefits to shipping a canvas that is unstretched. The first is that it easier…
SOLD - Sunset Reflections 1 (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

SOLD – Sunset Reflections 1

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I am happy to announce that my work entitled Sunset Reflections 1 has been sold to a collector in Massachusetts and is now being enjoyed in there. Thank you very much for purchasing and collecting my artwork! Nestor Toro - abstract Los Angeles…
SOLD - Rising Fantasy (Gardens) MASSIVE 40*60 Inche STATEMENT WORK (2016) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD – Rising Fantasy (Gardens)

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I am very happy to post that a collector in Massachusetts has purchased my work entitled Rising Fantasy (Gardens). This has been quite a popular painting for me. I have had prints of this work sold. I have done a commission based on the work.…
SOLD Artwork by Nestor Toro - Los Angeles abstract artist

SOLD – Translucent Deep Landscape by Nestor Toro

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SOLD - Translucent Deep Landscape (2016) Here is the third work recently purchased by the collector in Texas who also acquired Dimensional Terrain and Thunder Noise. As with the other work they acquired called Translucent Landscape, and Translucent…