Artist's description: I start most of my painting with big bold strokes of a neutral colors. Love creating those first layers building up into a complex combination of shapes, colors and patters. This piece was made using palette knifes and rubber spatulas then drizzled endless amounts of clear string gel swirling layers after layers creating the finishing texture, which is very striking. High quality rich Golden gold, orange and blue iridescent mediums and UV protection. Statement piece. triple primed canvas. Additional Info: I include a certificate of authenticity that lists the materials as well as when the painting was completed. Fine high quality materials such as Golden and Sennelier products are used and UV protective enamel for sunlight protection. Each painting is carefully packed and padded for a safe delivery. Paintings shipped with a tracking number.

SOLD - Abstract transition III (Where the bluegrass is greener)

Sold to a collector Abstract Transition lll (Where the bluegrass…
Subarctic dream, 2016 Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

Subarctic dream, 2016

Artist's description: This piece is truly a dreamy landscape…
Nestor Toro artwork shown in Los Angeles at the Fold gallery

Show Opening!

The opening of the show "Echos" at the Fold gallery in Los Angeles…
Sold artwork "Magic-imposition" by artist Nestor Toro painted in 2009

SOLD - Magic imposition

A collector has purchased one of my works I made while living…
First show of 2016 in Los Angeles at the Fold gallery. The show is called "Echoes" and Nestor Toro is one of just 4 artists in the show!
Drizzles II, 2015 Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

"New Art For A New Year"

One of my works Drizzles II is featured in an article on Zatista…
Commissioned Work - Untitled I - 2015

Sold Commissioned Work

I am fortunate to have been found by a couple who collect art.…
SOLD "Arena y Sol (sand and sun)" by Nestor Toro painted in 2015

SOLD To Collector In Belgium

A collector in Belgium has purchased Arena y Sol (sand and sun)…

Art In Collection On Zatista

I have one of my paintings included in a collection at Zatista…

New Year - New Mediums!

I like to experiment and push the's really the ONLY…
SOLD - Lavender Spectra (Healing), 2015 Nestor Toro

First Sale of the year! SOLD - Lavender Spectra

What a wonderful way to start the year of 2016 with a sale on…
Happy New Year From artist Nestor Toro

Happy New Year 2016

I just want to thank everyone who has supported me and my work…
Original artwork by painter Nestor Toro in collector's home in Japan

My artwork in Japan

Here is one of my works hanging in a collector's home in Japan.…
SOLD - Vernal Intrusion (tangled), 2015

SOLD - Vernal Intrusion (tangled), 2015

A collector has purchased Vernal Intrusion (tangled) to add to…

SOLD - It was a dream (soft colorfield) - 2015

I have sold A LOT of paintings this 2015 Holiday Season and I…
Invisible cracks by Nestor Toro Painting, Acrylic - 36”h x 48”w . Artwork is SOLD

Interesting Fact - Stendhal Syndrome

Stendhal syndrome, Stendhal's syndrome, hyperkulturemia, or Florence…

SOLD - Blankets (Mound) 2015

A collector added my work "Blankets (Mound)" to their collection! Artist's…

Sold - Abstract Terrain (Translucent) 2015

One of my works from my summer series "Terrain" composed of 16x20…

Upcoming Show - "Echoes" 2016

EXCITING NEWS I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be an…
Reaching for the sun by artist nestor toro SOLD

SOLD - Reaching For The Sun

A collector has aquired my work entitled "Reaching for the Sun"…
Buy the original artwork of abstract painter Nestor Toro on

Buy My Work On Amazon

Everyone loves to shop and there is a reason that…
SOLD - Abstract Transition (to the left) - artist Nestor Toro

SOLD - Abstract Transition (To the left) - Nestor Toro

This artwork has found a new home with a collector. 36" x 20" Artist's…
Neon Spectra, 2015 - SOLD - artist Nestor Toro

SOLD - Neon Spectra - Painting by Nestor Toro

Neon Spectra, 2015 SOLD to a collector.   Artist's…
Artist's description: This very bright painting was completed some time ago in 2013. Part of my personal collection for a while but as I go back to my catalog some of my earlier work feels right to be part of what I am currently working on and thats the case with Blue Haze. Completed in my studio in Buenos Aires and its mixed media. High quality art materials acrylic, watercolor, colored mica and silver ink with heavy gloss enamel for protection. Vibrant piece!!! Materials used: Gesso, Windsor and Newton acrylics and watercolor, Indian ink, mica and Sennelier enamel.

Sold - Abstract painting "Blue Haze" by painter Nestor Toro

A collector just added the painting "Blue Haze" to their collection…
SOLD - Just some vibrations., 2015

SOLD! "Just Some Vibrations" artist Nestor Toro

SOLD - "Just Some Vibrations" A collector has acquired this…