Iridescent Purple (Echoes) (2016) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

New Artwork – Iridescent Purple (Echoes)

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New Artwork in the summer Echoes series 2016 Iridescent Purple (Echoes) Painting: Acrylic on Canvas. Layers of iridescent clear colors and lots of texture in this piece.... I wanted to accomplish a complex combination of iridescent…
Subarctic dream, 2016 Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

Subarctic dream, 2016

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Artist's description: This piece is truly a dreamy landscape with great depth and contemplative feel. Beautifully detailed colorfield painting on gesso primed paper. The background is composed of organic lines and shapes created with acrylic…
Drizzles II, 2015 Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

“New Art For A New Year”

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One of my works Drizzles II is featured in an article on Zatista Gallery's website called "New Art for a New Year" and is one of just 5 works featured in the article! I am thrilled that out of the 1000's of potential works that mine was…
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Buy My Work On Amazon

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Everyone loves to shop and there is a reason that it is the number one online retailer in the world! I am excited to have my work sold on this huge trusted website. If you have an Amazon account be sure to check out my work on Am…
SOLD - The Answer according to purple

SOLD – “The Answer according to purple” by Nestor Toro

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A collector has just purchased my artwork "The Answer according to purple" for their collection! Artist's description: Multiple layers, colors and changes happened before this piece was completed. I wanted to accomplish a complex combination…

“Funky Art” – Zatista Online Collection

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One of my works UNDERWATER COLORFIELD was part of an online collection on the online gallery Zatista.   Here is what they said about the work: "“Underwater Colorfield” is the perfect color scheme for funky art. It ties in…
Terrain series Fall 2015 by artist Nestor Toro

New Series – Terrains

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I have a new series called Terrain which is inspired by the variety of terrains on the earth. It is a series of 10 paintings. They are acrylic on canvas. I am known for my large works but for this series I wanted to do something different. These…