SOLD - Pretty in Pink (During, Before and after) (2018) Abstract painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro - Los Angeles

SOLD - Pretty In Pink by Nestor Toro

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Please to announce that I have sold another triptych and this one is called "Pretty In Pink" which was sold via a wonderful gallery called Zatista! It is make from 3 individual 20x16 inch canvases. One advantage of an artwork such as this triptych…
SOLD - Greener Grass (Red Skies) by Los Angeles painter Nestor ToroNestor Toro

SOLD Abstract - Green Grass (Red Skies) by Nestor Toro

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I am thrilled to announce yet another sale of one of my abstract paintings. This one I call Green Grass (Red Skies) and it was sold at Zatista gallery. The work is a BOLD work for a bold collector so I would like to thank David in Austin Texas…
SOLD PAINTING - Night contemplation (2018) abstract art Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro

SOLD - Night Contemplation by Nestor Toro

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Very pleased to announce that my work Night Contemplation has been sold via Zatista gallery to a collector! One of a kind artwork - Size: 22 x 25 Inches with a signed certificate of authenticity for your protection of your investment in…

SOLD - On The Sunny Side by Nestor Toro

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Another sale and this time from Zatista gallery of a work titled On The Sunny Side. This work is a 20x16 inch canvas. The work was acquired by Jeanine in Cleveland OH. Bold work with a lot of energy! A very contemplative color palette with…
SOLD -A little hiding place 3 - Nestor Toro (2016)Nestor Toro

SOLD - A Little Hiding Place 3 by Nestor Toro

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I am happy to announce that a collector in Durham, North Carolina has acquired my work from a series called "A little Hiding Place" and this is the 3rd in the series! The work was sold via Saatchi Art Gallery. Mixed-media painting on…
SOLD- Enchanted Greenery (Verdor encantado) by Nestor ToroNestor Toro 2019

SOLD - Enchanted Greenery (Verdor Encantado) by Nestor Toro

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I am happy to announce that a collector from Denver has acquired Enchanted Greenery (Verdor encantado) via ArtFinder gallery. This work is nature inspired and done in a gestural fashion using only a large palette knife. It is 48x36 inches and…
SOLD - Maritime Spectra 3 (2018) Abstract Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro

SOLD - Maritime Spectra 3 by Nestor Toro

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Happy to continue my post about the collector in Italy who bought Sky Spectra 3 and announce that she also purchased Maritime Spectra 3 which from a series called "Maritime Spectra." I am always interested in seeing which paintings from a series…
SOLD - Sky walking 6 (2018) Abstract painting by Nestor Toro in L.A.

SOLD - Sky Walking 6 by Nestor Toro

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I have a series called "Sky Walking" that has been very popular. There are a total of 6 paintings which are 20 x 16 inches. There are only Sky Walking 3 and Sky Walking 2 (Sky Walking 2 is hanging in my living room as I type this) paintings…
SOLD - Night color explosion (2018) abstract art Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro - Los Angeles

SOLD - Night Color Explosion by Nestor Toro 2019

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I was recently contacted my Jackie here in L.A. who inquired about a studio visit with her brother who was planning on visiting Los Angeles from New York. Of course, I was happy to have them over and as most collectors who visit my studio leave…
Daydream panorama 1 - Triptych by Nestor Toro - SOLDNestor Toro

Daydream Panorama 1 by Nestor Toro – SOLD

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I am happy to announce that my work Daydream Panorama 1 has been sold to David in Huston. Thank you David! This work is done in my signature drizzles style and is a triptych comprised of three 20 x 16 canvases. The advantage of a triptych like…
SOLD - Maritime Spectra by Nestor Toro (2018) abstract art Acrylic painting - SOLDNestor Toro 2018

SOLD - Maritime Spectra 1 by Nestor Toro

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Another work SOLD! Seems that my "Maritime Spectra" series is quite popular with several works already sold. I am pleased to announce that the first painting in the series has been sold via Singulart gallery and is now being enjoyed by a collector…
SOLD - Shimmering drizzles 1 (2018) Abstract Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro Abstracts

SOLD - Shimmering Drizzles 1 by Nestor Toro

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I happy to announce that my work Shimmering Drizzles 1 has been sold! The work is part of a series called Shimmering Drizzles with the other work Shimmering Drizzles 2 having already been sold! This work was sold via ArtFinder gallery who are…