Shot of Nestor Toro's studio floor and his shoes in West Hollywood California 2019Nestor Toro Abstracts

Nestor Toro’s Studio Floor and Shoes

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I often have a very active and spontaneous style of painting which as you can see from these studio shots can get rather "interesting" if you know what I mean! Of course this represents hundreds and hundreds of tubes of paint and I am sure enough…
SOLD - Abstract Painting - Incandescent California Sunset (2017) Abstract Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro abstracts

SOLD – Incandescent California Sunset

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I would like to thank Stephan in Germany for acquiring my work Incandescent California Sunset. Stephen purchased this work from my site's shop and now this work has a new home and is being enjoyed each day! Thank you - Nestor Toro / Los Angeles…
SOLD - Deconstructed Landscape by Nestor Toro

SOLD – Deconstructed Landscape by Nestor Toro

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Richard in Mission Viejo, California has purchased my work entitled Deconstructed Landscape. It is 30 x 40 inches and very colorful with blending and a vibrant feel. Textured deconstructed landscape acrylic painting with bright color palette…
SOLD - Unafraid of Red (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD – Unafraid of Red by Nestor Toro

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I would like to thank John in Germantown, Tennessee for becoming a new collector of my art with the purchase of 2 works! The second work acquired by John is called Unafraid of Red and is 16 x 20 inches. It was painted in 2017. Thank you - Nestor…
Los Angeles based abstract artist - Painter - Nestor Toro attending TOAF in Los Angeles March 2018

The Other Art Fair – Los Angeles 2018

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Thank you for all of you who recently attended TOAF (The Other Art Fair) sponsored by Saatchi art and help at the magnificent Majestic in downtown L.A.! The event featured 100 of the best emerging artists handpicked by a number of experts…
Artfinder gallery recommends investing in Nestor Toro's artwork as it has increased there by nearly 100% since he started selling in 2014

Nestor Toro Named Artist To Invest In 2018 with 93% Price Growth!

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I am really happy to announce that Nestor Toro was recommended by online gallery ArtFinder as being a recommended artist to invest in as my artwork has increased 93% since 2014 when I started selling with the gallery. The price of my work has…
Recently completed commission by Nestor Toro

Finished Commission!!

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Having collectors enjoy my work so much that they buy it for their homes is rewarding. Having collectors commission works is equally as rewarding if not more so...why...because the collector trusts in my talent, ability and creativity to create…
Artwork by Nestor Toro - Abstract Painter

Did You Know – “Pure Abstractions”

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I am a painter and my work is pure abstraction. Some might think they are easy to do and that anyone could do them. These people are of course wrong! Wassily Kandinsky said, "Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands…
Nestor Toro's work was chosen by head curator Rebecca Wilson for this week's Best of New Art with one of his latest abstract paintings

Saatchi Art Curator – Rebecca Wilson – New This Week

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I am honored to have one of my works entitled "Interrupted Frequencies" chosen by the chief curator and director of Saatchi Art Rebecca Wilson for her New This Week listing for November 6, 2017! Such an honor thank you Rebecca! Out of thousands…
SOLD - Infinite Happiness (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro - Los Angeles - Sold
Abstract artist - Nestor Toro in his Los Angeles studio

Painting Process of Nestor Toro – L.A. Abstract Artist

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Nestor's painting style is extremely varied because his talent is just as big and can not be limited. Here is a short time-lapse video of him working on an artwork.
SOLD - Nighttime Terrain I (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

SOLD – Nighttime Terrain 1 – LA Abstract Art

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A collector in Washington state has added my work Nighttime Terrain 1 to their collection! I am thrilled to have a new collector and this collector immediately bought a second work (read more about that here) from Zatista which is a wonderful…